Sai Ram

Please use this simple form to pay for any Retreat related products or services, such as Books, Retreat Program recordings on media, Onsite Registration, purchase of additional Meals, etc. Our preferred payment options are (in the order of preference):

1. CHASE QuickPay /  Zelle Pay or any other Money Transfer method offered by your Bank. Simply transfer the amount you owe to our CHASE Checking Account Email Address:
You don't need to have a CHASE Checking account send us payment. If you have a Checking account with any of the following banks, you should be able to pay using this service. You can learn more about this here

IMPORTANT: Please make a note of the the payment email address and the exact Amount BEFORE clicking the SUBMIT button.

When you click on the "SUBMIT" link at the bottom of this page, it will take you to PayPal page; simply ignore / close the browser and go to your Bank to initiate the payment to our email address. 

2. PayPal (you don't need a PayPal account; you can use any Credit Card on PayPal secure site).
If you have a PayPal account simply "Login" and pay on the next page (PayPal page)
If you don't have a PayPal account, you can click on "Pay with Debit or Credit Card" option at the bottom (on the PayPal page)


If you plan to pay using CHASE QuickPay, please enter your email address associated with your bank account so that we can recognize your payment when it is made. 


Even if you choose to pay via CHASE QuickPay (or similar) payment option, you will always be take to the PayPal site after clicking the SUBMIT button. Don't worry; simply ignore /close that page and go to your Bank's website to complete the payment. Just remember the amount to pay and our email address:

If you want to pay with your Credit Card or PayPal account, continue with the PayPal page after clicking the SUBMIT button.

Thank you. Sai Ram.